Sportstalk Star Secrets – Kilkenny’s Aidan ‘Taggy’ Fogarty

Kilkenny's Aidan 'Taggy' Fogarty

What is you Favourite………


TV Programme – Fair city

Box set – Game of thrones/Suits

GAA Pitch – Semple Stadium Thurles

Position on hurling pitch – Corner forward

County jersey (not your own) – New Mayo away jersey

Football team – Kerry/Liverpool

Song to listen to before a game – I’ll be there (Friday night pose) Club land Smashed.

Holiday destination – Australia (it was my 1st Holiday)

Other sport – Golf

Medal won – 2006 all-Ireland

Hurling cliché – Let it go on the ground ta F***

Quote – “Game on now Ger” Cyril Farrell

Woman on TV- Miriam O Callaghan (gift grub version)

GAA analyst – Michael Duignan

Other sporting event attended – Navy v Notre Dame 1996 Croke Park.

What’s app group you are in – Emeralds WhatsApp

Radio show you listen to – Dermot and Dave Today fm. (good banter)

Podcast – Colm Parkinson GAA Hour

Sports web site –



Reveal all……….


What do you eat on match day?

Early Days I actually had the fry in the morning, then Sandwiches before the game (packing the gear was just a second thought, hard to believe.) Then when it all got serious its porridge/banana for breakfast & sandwiches/grapes/yogurt.

Advice to young players

Be yourself and don’t be bothered about what other people think.

Best individual display you ever saw from a teammate (club & county)

Tommy Walsh just in general all his career.  Pa Doheny against Freshford in Johnstown, league championship a few years back. He was possessed. Took frees, hit lads, mouthing at lads. Brilliant.

What is your idea of a romantic date with the other half?

Home cooked dinner (by me of course nice and early). Candles and romantic music in the background. Nice bottle of red wine! Then relax until wine is gone and then into town to see a good live band. Plenty of porter and good music. Home then at 10. Yes, I am getting old.

If you could change one rule in hurling, what would you change?

Don’t take off the corner forward just for the sake of it.

Most annoying person you follow on snap chat & twitter

Mark Ryan, always sending me pics of a toilet. Donald Trump he actually cannot spell. (Probably not him)

Best person you follow on snap chat & twitter

Mark Ryan always sending me pics of a toilet. Paul Murphy good for a tweet.

Apart from current county manager, who is the best manager you ever had?

Johnny Moriarty U14.

Best club player that has never played inter county.  (Senior)

Ger Joyce

Teammate mostly likely to have his own TV show

Mick Fennelly. Loves the attention!

Three celebrity’s you would like to have dinner with

David Beckham, Will Smith, Tom Hanks

Best advice you ever got – 

Just be yourself!

Funniest thing you have watched on you tube

Sminky Shorts.

If you could be one person for a day, who would you be?

Dan Bilzarian

Most embarrassing moment playing hurling –

Came on late to the 2000 Kilkenny minor panel. Literally 2 weeks before all-Ireland semi final. Came on in the second half and I did not know anyone’s name bar one or two. I was calling for the ball saying, “Hey you, you pass the ball” scandalous!

Biggest moaner on county panel & club panel

Richie Power (I suppose he is always injured) Jamie Ryan (gives out about training constantly but is the best up there)

Three teammates you would bring with you to a desert island

JJ Delaney (goes with the flow and I don’t have to make an effort) Tommy Walsh (for the craic) Pa Doheny (carpenter he can build things out of wood)

3 team mate you wouldn’t bring to a desert island

Richie Power (he will definitely be injured and will need looking after) Cha Fitz (rob all my clothes) Eoin McCormack (most laid back man I ever met)

Tell us about a funny story from your hurling career….

I played a camogie match when I was about nine. Was down looking at the sister playing U12 camogie and they were short one. Therefore, they stuck a helmet on me and in I went. I cleaned up and they were all wondering who this new girl was!

Photo credit: Kilkennypeople


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