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Star Secrets – Padraig Walsh


What is your Favourite…….

TV Programme – Game of Thrones

Box set – Friday Night Lights

GAA Pitch – Tullaroan

Position on hurling pitch – Wing back

County jersey (not your own) – Donegal

Football team – Kerry

Song to listen to before a game – Don’t listen to songs before games

Holiday destination – Thailand

Other sport – Handball

Medal won – All Ireland Final 2014

Hurling clíche – Practice makes perfect

Woman on TV – Michelle Keegan










Other sporting event attended – All Ireland Football Final

Whats app group you are in – Kilkenny Team what’s app

Radio show you listen to – Today FM Sports

Website –



Reveal all…..


What do you eat on match day?

Porridge , fruit , chicken, pasta, bread

Advice to young players

Always listen to your parents, coaches and teachers

What rules would you like to see changed in hurling?

Happy with rules at the moment

Best person you follow on snapchat and twitter

Snapchat – Pat Tynan – Tullaroan, Twitter – Jamie Carragher

Apart from current county manager, who is the best manager you ever had?

Jimmy Coogan – Tullaroan

Best club player that has never played inter county?

Trevor Luby from Tullaroan, he has a pair of wrists on him like John Troy

Team mate mostly likely to have his own TV show

Lester Ryan – Ear to the Ground

Three celebrities you would like to have dinner with

Messi, Dan Carter and Roy Keane

Best advice you ever got

Never Give Up

Funniest thing you have watched on you tube

Any of the Graham Norton best bits clips, hilarious

If you could be one person for a day who would you be  Conor McGregor









Most embarrassing moment playing hurling

When I was younger I was running in after a high ball keeping my eye on the ball, the ball went over the bar and I ran into the post very embarrassing!

Biggest moaner on county panel & club panel

County – Cillian Buckley, always moans about training and going to the gym. Club – Paul Buggy loves a good moan

Three teammates you would bring with you to a deserted island

Conor Fogarty – He’s a survivor, would thrive in the outdoors. Richie Hogan – Very organised , he would bring all the essentials. John Joe Farrell – For his stories

Three teammate you wouldn’t bring to a deserted island –  Cillian Buckley – We’d have to listen to him moan the whole time, we’d have to dress him. Wouldn’t be able light a fire.  TJ Reid- he’d only worry about himself, all he’d talk about is his bulls. Michael Fennelly – he’d probably be injured

Tell us about a funny story from your hurling career….

When I was young, I was at a campfire match in a neighbouring parish, while the match was on I ran into the dressing room to go to the toilet. While I was in there, I could hear the dressing room door open and the camogie team all walked into the dressing room. I was too embarrassed to walk out and hid in the toilet for about 5 minutes. Eventually I decided I had to make a run for it, I opened up the door and ran as fast bright red in the face as I could out of the dressing room. The team cheered as I ran out of the room, took me a long time to get over it!