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Star Secrets with Westmeath’s Muireann Scally


This Sunday September 10th, Westmeath will take on Dublin in the All Ireland Premier Junior Final. Before the game, we caught up with one of Westmeath’s influential player’s Muireann Scally. We asked Muireann about her career and some of Sportstalk’s ‘Star Secrets’.

Inter-county Career

How long have you been playing inter- county camogie? Since I was 16

How much have the demands of playing inter-county camogie changed since you first started?

The professionalism, physicality and pace of the game has changed. The past two years we have been doing work in JG Elite gym. It is so important, you have to do it to compete with other teams. Also, the support for camogie and media attention has improved. It has improved across Ireland and within Westmeath.

In this day and age, most people would say your mad for giving up so much of your time for inter-county camogie, what would your normal response be to them? It’s an honour to be picked to play for your county and represent Westmeath. Not everyone is in a position to do it so it is an honour.

What are you most looking forward to about the All Ireland Final on Sunday? Playing in Croke Park.


Star Secret’s

  1. Name of your club: Crookedwood
  2. What one Irish SportStar do you lookup to and admire? Paul O Connell
  3. Where would you most like to go on Holidays? New Zealand
  4. What advice would you give young girls playing camogie today? Practice, Practice, Practice
  5. What do you think is the nicest county jersey apart from your own? Kildare
  6. Who is the toughest player you have marked? Sarah Anne Fitzgerald, Laois
  7. Who is your favourite pundit? Evanne Ni Cuileann
  8. What annoys you most about Social Media? It only shows one side of the story
  9. If you could play any other sport what would it be? Hockey
  10. Who do you prefer Conor Sketches or Rory Stories? Conor Sketches
  11. Name a club player that should be playing county?  Aisling Boyhan
  12. What is your favourite breed of dog? Golden Retriever
  13. What three players would you transfer in from another county? Finola Neville (Cork), Siobhan Flannery (Offaly), Katie Power (Kilkenny)
  14. Who is the most likely to get an all star? Edel McCormack
  15. Who is the laziest person at training? Denise McGrath
  16.  What is your worst habit? Being late