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Super8s Podcast on tennis, Borg and one Gabriela Sabitini


Sean Og O hAilpin has swapped the hurley for a tennis racket and he reveals why in the first Super8s Podcast of the season.

The former Cork hurler jokingly admitted that he would be great at tennis if he could actually serve.

In a conversation about tennis former Roscommon goalkeeper Shane Curran mentioned his favourite player was Bjorn Borg. Borg’s considered one of the best players and was dominant in the 70s and early 80s.

Borg was a bit before Kieran Martin’s time. The Westmeath footballer was a guest on the Podcast and for him it’s Roger Federer.

One former player that always caught the eye of Curran and O h’Ailpin was Gabriela Sabatini. The Argentine was a leading female player but was also a poster girl for tennis. According to O’ hAilpin “anyone that knows Gabriela Sabatini, knew their tennis.”