Super8s Podcast: What makes a good manager?



An interesting discussion on  Super 8’s podcast Episode 2 was about managers and what sort of a person should clubs be looking out. Sean Og O’ hAilpin, Shane Curran and this week’s guest CPA Chairman Micheál Briody all gave their own opinions.

Host Doran Harte posed the question to Cork star O’ hAilpin first. Sean Og answered jokingly:

”Recruit a manager that can deliver silverware at the end of the day.”

He then went on to say:

“For me if I was a chairman/secretary and was tasked to get a manager in it’s not focus on silverware yet, just a manager that can develop a group; bond them together. Develop the group, bond them together and then play as a team.”

Shane Curran was manager of Roscommon side Padraig Pearse’s this year and they were defeated in the County final by his own club St. Brigid’s.

He said: “In terms of coaching in most counties if you look up and down the county senior championship finals and maybe the intermediate finals a lot of counties have repetitive winners. Clubs are getting far stronger than other clubs within counties. It’s very important that if you go into a club that you not only improve the senior team but you improve the coaching and the infrastructure from the top down and you try to make a difference to their philosophy and ethos and how they play etc. It’s difficult to get clubs to stick to a programme. We in Brigid’s are fortunate that we started out 22/23 years ago with that type of idea. Now we are reaping the benefits of it.”

He issued some advice for club chairmen: “Are you getting a manager that is in here for a year to flog players left, right and centre at training sessions? You have to have a set plan; 3 to 5 year development plan for a team that’s trying to win a championship.”

The Roscommon man went on to say: “There is an awful lot of bad managers out there; poor ethics and have a poor understanding of the game and have a poor understanding of people in general. The player is better by good practice.”

Micheál Briody had experience of being involved with his own club in Meath and gave his take on choosing a club manager:

“Do you pay someone? Do you pay expense? How much can the club afford and do you get an outside manager/get someone within? Those are characteristics that are looked upon as well. I agree with Shane on the other end it has to be someone that looks out for the club. The money is an issue for a lot of clubs.”


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