Tuesday, November 29, 2022
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“Clare for their part, had all the hall marks of a...

Read former Limerick hurling All-Star Ollie Moran’s weekly article every Friday on www.sportstalk.ie   “Clare for their part, had all the hall marks of a team...

Davy Fitz going mad in the dressing room!

https://youtu.be/bXPfqJv2V3o?list=PLiEdAn9c63Ubfd0sQ1GydSHfWbV-enx_3 Love him or hate him, Davy Fitz is one passionate man about hurling. This was a Waterford Crystal game in January a few years...

Davy Fitz dressing room speech for LIT a few years ago

https://youtu.be/bXPfqJv2V3o?list=PLiEdAn9c63Ubfd0sQ1GydSHfWbV-enx_3 No matter what you say about him - he is a passionate man about hurling!
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