Tuesday, August 16, 2022
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RTE promotional ads from a few years ago

https://youtu.be/VM6bSc_l8iw?list=PLiEdAn9c63Ubfd0sQ1GydSHfWbV-enx_3 https://youtu.be/ksjVcYqntiQ?list=PLiEdAn9c63Ubfd0sQ1GydSHfWbV-enx_3 https://youtu.be/VYJjX_N8WT0?list=PLiEdAn9c63Ubfd0sQ1GydSHfWbV-enx_3 I love these short video clips from a few years ago on RTE. Some great men have walked up the steps of the Hogan...

Throw back Friday – 2003 Hurling review of the year.

https://youtu.be/s5Qx6b1ZLwk?list=PLiEdAn9c63Ubfd0sQ1GydSHfWbV-enx_3 Have a look at the 2003 hurling review of the year. Kilkenny just about edged Cork in the final. There should be much more...
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