The Challenges facing underage coaches


There are many challenges that are currently facing underage coaches, this can be in the form of organising matches, preparing training sessions and dealing with parents. On the latest edition of the Sports Talk podcast Sean OG talked about the challenges the he is facing as an underage coach with his club Na Pairsaigh. Sean said “That while there is progress been made on the other hand if a training session doesn’t go well it can feel like you are going ten years backwords.”

He also highlight that during his playing career that he always looked up to his coaches as his role model, Sean recalls one member in particular Tony O’Sullivan who is very heavily involved with the club and used to play wing forward with Cork and as a child when Cork were playing in a Munster Final in Thurles the atmosphere was just electrifying and that seen someone out on the playing area representing their club and county was just amazing and its an experience that he will never forget.

Even though that they are challenges facing under age coaches Sean commented on the point ‘That there is also personal satisfaction that comes with it as well as been a coach you are there to encourage and get the best out of your players. There is serious commitment that coaches put in to help develop and promote the game.