The Streaming of live ladies football games


The steaming of the ladies’ football championship across social media as well on live TV is proving to be a huge benefit to supports, as in these unprecedented times we are unfortunately unable to be in attendance to show support for our county.

Roscommon’s Jenny Higgins who spoke to Denise O’Flaherty on the Sportsgirls podcast.

Higgins said: “That’s the best think to come out of it that all the games are lived streamed on TV, Facebook. It’s a huge platform for ladies’ football, you know you have more people watching the games now than in general. It’s super now that’s its lived streamed”.

While we are in these strange times Higgins also noted that she is so grateful to play football given the current circumstances.

“Its strange time it’s strange for everybody we’re just so grateful to play no matter what context it’s in. We’re so fortunate and so grateful to get onto the pitch in these unusual times but you know what we’ll take it”.