“The thoughts of picking up my hurl was making me cry” Ursula Jacob


SportsGirls Podcast had former Wexford legend Ursula Jacob on as their first ever guest and boy what a brilliant discussion. Ursula stills trains 3-4 times a week for her club Oulart-The Ballagh and treats the girls at SportsGirls to an interview full of honesty. In 2011 the 4 time All-Star went through one of the worst times of her career after winning the Asbourne Cup with her college Waterford IT.

Scheduled to report for Wexford duty once college camogie was over Ursula’s mind was in a different place after going two years solid playing Club, College, County, Club, College, County “The thoughts of picking up my hurl was making me cry” “I was just physically and mentally drained”

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View Full List of Topics Timelines from Episode 2

1 Football
8:50 Camogie
19:00 Rina Buckley decision to play Camogie
22:26 Ursula Jacob Interview
23:35 Ursula Jacob on Kate Kelly
26:00 Ursula Jacob Ladies GAA Stars getting recognition when they retire
28:50 Will we see more Anna Geary’s in the media?
31:00 Ursula Jacob Respect For Club Girls
33:43 Ursula Jacob on Healthy state of Camogie Currently
37:30 Ursula Jacob on Wexford Championship Format
41:30 Ursula Jacob Wexford Chances vs Offaly
44:30 Ursula Jacob on Feile 2017 & her experiences in it
47:15 Ursula Jacob on Stand out Memory for Club & County
49:00 Ursula Jacob on Davy Fitz & Wexford in Leinster Final
50:29 Ursula Jacob on Potential Camogie All Ireland Winners
51:00 Ursula Jacob on potentially managing Wexford some day
53:00 Ursula Jacob on missing inter-county camogie
54:00 2011 Breakdown “the thoughts of picking up my hurl was making me cry”
58:00 Player Burnout
59:00 One piece of advice for young players starting out today.



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