Time for Galway to lose the ‘nearly team’ tag


Former Mayo All-Ireland winning captain Diane O’Hora admits Galway have to lose the ‘nearly team’ tag if they want to be successful.

Last Sunday the Tribeswomen were beaten in the Division 1 Final by Cork. The talk beforehand had been about how Galway have been the ‘nearly team’ in recent years.

Speaking on this week’s Sportsgirls Podcast Diane said: “Galway talked about this tag, they are always like the ‘nearly team’. Even if you use those words they are going to reminisce in your head before you go out because there is an element ‘I don’t want to be the nearly team’. You are almost using the phraseology ‘nearly team’ in your head before you go out on the pitch. They’re going to have to get over that somewhere or other. They’re going to have to start using a different type of language because I’d rather players didn’t use that language.”

Diane believes Cork should’ve won the game by more: “It should be exactly what we are going to do to win this match. From a Cork point of view I think they probably should have won by more. At times I didn’t know what they needed to do to win a free.”

For former Donegal player Nadine Doherty, Galway couldn’t have done anymore against a very good Cork side. She said: “I was over critical of Galway in the podcast. I think they played probably 90% of their full potential. I don’t think really they could’ve done a huge amount better, against Cork. Cork were just a much better team.”

She wasn’t impressed with how defensive Galway were: “Defensively they set up very deep. They were very compact. Cork just recycled, got runners at pace and were really patient. They had just one wide.”

She went on to say: “Cork had an answer to everything Galway did. Galway just fell short against a much better team.”