Tipp could make Munster Final but don’t rule out Limerick or Clare – O’hAilpin


Former Cork hurler Sean Og O’hAilpin feels it could be a Cork versus Tipperary Munster Hurling Final but he still wouldn’t rule out either Limerick or Clare making the decider.

Speaking about Tipperary’s draw against Cork on Sunday in their round-robin fixture O’hAilpin pointed out the fact that Tipp are just on one point and they need to pick up more if they are to make the provincial final.

He said: “It probably seemed like a win for Tipperary, we still have to be reminded they drew. They are only lying on one point. Other teams are on two, Cork ahead on three points. Tipp are not out of the woods yet.”

O’hAilpin admitted that a win is a must for Tipp over Waterford: “Tipp have to beat Waterford, simple as. That’s probably another story that is unravelling. The team (Waterford) is decimated.”

He went on to comment on Waterford’s long injury list that doesn’t look like it will shorten anytime soon and will leave them in a dangerous position near the bottom: “That’s one of the disadvantages of this format, they’re probably going to be down key guys for the rest of the year or if not the rest of the Munster campaign. I can’t see Waterford recovering with four or five of their best players out.”

The Corkman believes Tipp never had a better chance to beat Waterford than they have when they face them on Sunday: “If there was a game for Tipperary to win this is it and they’ll never get a better chance. Taking the Waterford injuries into account.”



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