Top 5 GAA Jerseys


The new Meath jersey that has recently been released is class and it has got everyone talking about GAA jerseys (well maybe not everybody; people on the East coast of America are probably still talking about the weather and Donald Trump) so Sportstalk decided to put together a list of five of the best GAA jerseys around. All images courtesy of O’Neills.

Number 5. UCC








It must be a pretty special feeling to be able to play GAA and feel like a pirate at the same time.

Number 4. Orang GAA Club Malaysia











Another O’Neills design classic. Having an orangutan on your crest probably wouldn’t work in Ireland.

3 – San Francisco GAA

San Francisco GAA

Check out the iconic Golden Gate Bridge effect. This jersey could be used as a movie backdrop.

2. South Africa Gaels

South Africa Gaels

Schalke Burger would look well in this.

1. St Mary’s University London

St Mary's University London

The nod to 70’s Dublin makes this jersey cool to begin with…then they only go and get sponsored by Buckfast.


To be honest we were going to have this as a top 10, or maybe even a top 20, but we ran out of steam after 5. So if you have any images of GAA jerseys that should make it on the list send them our way and we will throw them up.



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