Wateford v Tipp littered with mistakes by officials admits O’hAilpin


Reviewing last weekend’s Munster Hurling Championship tie between Waterford and Tipperary on this weekend’s Super8s podcast Sean Og O’hAilpin was critical of the standard of officiating at the game.

The phantom goal was the main talking point from the game but O’hAilpin said there were a number of mistakes made by the officials: “It wasn’t the only mistake the officials made during the game. Ronan Maher got a point towards the end which the umpire waved wide and Alan Kelly overruled him. Thomas Ryan got a point; from the naked eye, looked well wide. Austin Gleeson towards the end after a great solo run took on, I think it was the two Mahers he took on, cut in, seemed to put it over the bar and that was ruled wide.”

He went on to say: “Whatever about one mistake but when you are seeing a game with four or five big mistakes. This has to be brought up to the table like.”

Speaking about the goal that was given to Tipperary, the Corkman admitted it helped Michael Ryan’s side get back into the game: “It definitely helped Tipperary get back into the game. The way play was going they weren’t going to peg it back with points.The goal that was given in their favour was monumentally golden to them in their comeback. If you are a Waterford man you’d be highly peed off. Waterford have a couple of games to go but it could undo them.”

O’hAilpin is sympathetic to the officials but feels their performance wasn’t good enough: “I know officials are doing their best, but it’s still not good enough. Look at the time invested into this by players. This has been the hottest topic this weekend but on top of the list of the most embarrassing calls of all time in the GAA.”

After drawing level Tipp won the puck-out but Galway referee Alan Kelly blew the full-time whistle. O’hAilpin believes that if Tipp had got a dramatic winner Kelly would’ve needed to find another way of getting off the pitch: “If Alan Kelly had to have left that game go on and Tipp had got the winner he would’ve needed Star Trek to beam him out; not stewards to walk him off he would’ve needed Captain Kirk to beam him out of there.”




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