Waterford accept Antrim offer to play Division four League game


Just hours after they had announced that they would be conceding this weekend’s fixture against Antrim, it has now emerged that following a generous offer from Antrim late last night to play the fixture in Dundalk has been accepted.

In a Facebook post on the CLG Port-Lairge-Waterford GAA page, “Waterford last night agreed to Antrim’s generous offer to play the Allianz League game in Dundalk.

The game was confirmed later last night for Geraldines Louth GAA club ground.

Following Waterford’s announcement hours prior to the offer after it had made public that Waterford would be conceding the match, Antrim posted on the Facebook page “We have offered Waterford GAA to move our home game from Casement Park to Belfast now to Dundalk.

We believe that the integrity of the league needs to be upheld. If we are good enough to collect the 2 points, we will do it in a fair and manly manner on the field of play.