Westmeath vs Dublin 2015: A funny tale from a Westmeath man on Hill 16!

The Yopites on the Hill

The Dubs return to Croke Park on Sunday for their Semi Final clash against John Heslin’s Westmeath. This will be the third time in a row for these guys to meet with a combined aggregate score of 4-32 to 0-16 in favour of the Jackeens. Dublin overcame Westmeath in 2015 and 2016’s Leinster Finals with next Sunday’s Leinster Semi Final unlikely to differ from previous results.

The comardre amongst both sets of fans is exactly what the GAA family is about, plenty of humored ribbing to go with the much respect each have for one another.  This was no different in 2015 when Westmeath travelled to Croker full of promise on the back of an historic win over the Royals.

A large enough brigade stormed the famous Hill 16 that day and buoyed on by Westmeath’s first half performance fired plenty of shots towards the Hill 16 Army.  Indeed some would have thought they might even of had them on the run until the platoon on the field self destructed not long after half time and gifted Dublin 2 goals.

A Hill 16 Army solider politely speculates “It’s a pity there’s no wind out today”

“Why?” asks the Westmeath Brigade

“We’d have something to play against” he responds

Laughter erupts from both camps!!

Let’s hope we see another brigade on the famous hill this weekend with a more adventurous 15 soldiers on the field.




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