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“There won’t be added pressure on me in AFL” CORA


For years Cora Staunton has been a leader for both her club Carnacon and county Mayo. Her move to the AFL and Sydney Swans will bring about a new challenge for the 35 year old and she admitted she’ll be the one looking for players to learn from. Speaking on this week’s SportsGirls Podcast Staunton admitted the move Down Under will be a different challenge for her:

“It’s obviously going to be a different challenge, which is good. Maybe there might be less pressure on me going out there. There’ll probably be more pressure from people here in Ireland; looking to see how you are doing.”

Staunton has always been the player that club and county team-mates and supporters too looked up to. In Australia she won’t have added pressure on her: “I don’t think there is going to be pressure on me from over there. Well certainly not from within the club, there might be a bit of media pressure on over there. It’s going to be totally different in that regard.”

Despite being new to the game over there Staunton admitted she’ll still use her leadership skills: “I’ll still be a leader. That’s natural, you can’t help that anyways. I’m going to have to find people now that I can learn off. It’s normally the other way around!”