World Rugby want to trial 20 minute red card law


World Rugby wants to trial the 20 minute red card law into more tournaments to generate more data to determine its viability.
The law allows a team to replace a red carded player after 20 minutes and is being trialled in Super Rugby Pacific. The law wants to find a balance between player welfare and maintaining a contest throughout the game.
England’s Charlie Ewels was sent off after less than two minutes into their game against Ireland in the Six Nations. The trial in Super Rugby has so far proved inconclusive, and World Rugby have yet to decide whether the law will still be enough of a deterrent to force the improvement of tackle technique.
Speaking to the Daily Telegraph World Rugby Chief Executive Alan Gilpin said: “That’s been discussed before and will be discussed again. It would be great if more competitions, even in a closed trial, would use it because that would give us more of an overview of the effect it would have on the game.
“We need to see more of the data to see whether that strikes the balance between safety and spectacle better. There is more work to do to analyse that and the concern is, if a team goes back to 15 players, is that enough of a deterrent to drive that behavioural change.
“We would like to see it trialled more widely before drawing any conclusions.”